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Fast and Easy Installation

Our Guarantee

STREX offers a 30 day money back guarantee. We are so committed to your satisfaction, that if you decide our solutions aren't what is best for your boat, simply return your uninstalled fasteners for a full refund.

Our Mission

Our goal is to solve the problems associated with snap on boat covers. Often times the snap buttons on the canvas are a hassle to use and painful on your fingers. They break and if the cover has shrunk they do not reach the boat hull. The STREX Fastener System eliminates this by allowing the user to simply pull down and loop the cover onto the provided anchor. Perfect for a boat canvas that is too tight or those simply tired of wrestling with their cover. 

Install Yourself - No Special Tools Required 

Stylish Protection

"I used to dread putting my cover on... sometimes I would avoid taking my boat out altogether to avoid it. STREX made using my cover so easy and completely painless and I was able to install it myself in no time."


"My cover had shrunk and putting on the cover was practically impossible. Instead of paying for expensive alterations I installed STREX for a fraction of the price. Now not only can I cover my boat, but the process is so much faster."


"The metal snaps on my canvas hurt my thumbs so bad that I used to skip putting my cover on and my boat would always be filthy and filled with water as a result. After I installed STREX I had no problem putting on my cover, and no more thumb and finger pain!"


Ideal Applications

Each STREX fastener adds an extra inch of space between the original snap and canvas which must be considered when using this product. STREX is perfect for covers that have shrunk significantly or covers with adjustable tensioning systems e.g. poles and rod systems.

It is recommended to first dry fit the fastener to the canvas without the retaining compound to ensure the proper fit of the cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will these work with my particular boat and boat cover?

-The STREX system is ideally suited for pontoon boats and boat covers that utilize tension poles. Any slack that is created by adding the additional length of the fastener is eliminated when the tension pole is erected. Simply fasten your cover and extend your tension pole for the perfect fit. The metal canvas anchor included in the system is designed for the industry standard snap.

Can I trailer my boat with these fasteners on my cover?

-The STREX system is designed for mooring covers only and not recommended to trailer behind a vehicle.

Can I put STREX on a portion of my cover?

-The STREX system can be utilized on any compatible section of cover. Some customers choose to select a particularly troublesome area of their cover to convert to the easy to use STREX system. This method can and does work, however if high winds are a concern in your area, it is recommended to use STREX on every fastener to increase the strength by spreading the wind load across more fasteners. Having a uniform fit is also more easily accomplished when utilizing STREX fasteners on the entire cover.

How will these fasteners hold up over time?

-STREX fasteners have been engineered using UV resistant EPDM and Nylon for superior UV tolerance. The materials used are also designed specifically to withstand saltwater and the elements, without suffering the rust and deterioration of traditional snaps or the fraying and degradation of elastic cording.

Can STREX fasteners be removed after installation?

-In some cases, however anyone installing STREX fasteners should plan for them to be a permanent addition to their cover. It is highly recommended to "dry fit" the fasteners before adding the retaining compound.

Do I need to hire a professional to install STREX?

-No. The STREX system has been designed to be applied easily with no need for specialty tools or experience. All a person needs are the contents of the STREX system package and a Phillips head screwdriver! It is recommended to review the installation video found on this site prior to install.

What is the STREX return policy?

-STREX offers a 30 day money back guarantee. If you decide our solutions will not work for your boat cover, simply return your uninstalled STREX for a full refund.