• Revolutionize your Canvas

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Stylish Protection

Fast and Easy Installation

Our Mission

Our goal is to promote boating, watersports, and the great outdoors by making products that make marine exploration easier and more enjoyable. Take the tedious out of your water activities and get back to the fun of boat ownership.

"I used to dread putting my cover on... sometimes I would avoid taking my boat out altogether to avoid it. STREX made using my cover so easy and completely painless and I was able to install it myself in no time."


"My cover had shrunk and putting on the cover was practically impossible. Instead of paying for expensive alterations I installed STREX for a fraction of the price. Now not only can I cover my boat, but the process is so much faster."


"The metal snaps on my canvas hurt my thumbs so bad that I used to skip putting my cover on and my boat would always be filthy and filled with water as a result. After I installed STREX I had no problem putting on my cover, and no more thumb and finger pain!"


We happily serve end users as well as retailers and distributors. Please feel free to email us with any questions and let us know how we can serve you.